HSEQ Policy

Keystone is committed to safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally-conscious operations. We put health and safety first.

Keystone’s key HSEQ objectives include:

  • Always promote and have health, working environment and safety as a main focus area.

  • Create a safe and health-promoting workplace for each individual employee.

  • Low sickness absence.

  • Incorporate HSEQ as an integral part of the daily business.

  • All our employees should be safe and have a good time at work.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by accurately determining and meeting their requirements.

  • Avoiding damage to property and the environment.

  • Everyone has a responsibility to act safely and health-promoting and to look after each other.


We achieve these objectives and make decisions based on the following guiding principles: 

  • Develop, deliver and maintain our product portfolio as required by statutory and regulatory requirements where required as well as industry standards and customer recommendations.

  • Provide safe, health-promoting working environment and promote practices to prevent injury and ill health.

  • The HSEQ targets should be high so that proactive and injury-preventing work methods are developed, and continuous improvement is sought.

  • The HSEQ work is carried out systematically and in collaboration with the employees to eliminate and
    reduce HSEQ risks.

  • Keep personnel informed about matters related to Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.

  • Competence development ensures that personnel have the right competence to lead and contribute to HSEQ work internally and when following up suppliers.

  • The dialogue with customers and suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders is built on cooperation to create a healthy and safe working environment throughout the value chain.

  • Regular reviews ensures HSEQ targets are met and objectives and policy have a continued relevance.

This policy applies to the entire Keystone group and their suppliers. It is based on Keystone’s core values ​​and business ethics guidelines and are part of our management systems. As a software company, Keystone wants to stand out through its development work, its working methods and its offers as a responsible company.