Service Improvement & Inspection Verification System


Keystone have fully deployed, implemented and are currently supporting our client with the Service Improvement System and Inspection Notification Solution. The project is an success, providing our client with one tool that significantly reduce the handling time and effort for their undesirable incidents in their operations.

It is now visible what is failing, and why, on their assets and what the incidents is costing the company. Our client can now work proactively and implement preventative measures that can ensure that they are as cost efficient and risk avoiding as possible.

Time is also saved on reporting form this activity as the information is available, real-time in a management dashboard.


We provided:

Full control and more efficient for the process and information collocation regarding undesirable incidents.

Full overview on suppliers and associated cost to all undesirable incidents

Easy Inspection on handheld with ticket / wordlist solution

Management dash-board on all incident, implications and inspections