Keystone TOOLS

The Keystone TOOLS solution provides you with a user-friendly, time and cost saving system that delivers the right functionality that our customers need to effectively manage and track their operations, inspect and document there items according to best practice.


Service Improvement Notice

Manage all of your company’s incidents from A to Z with detailed reports, cost and inputs from suppliers and internal stakeholders to fully see your operational incidents cost and reason.


Inspection Verification Report

Inspect your operations, follow-ups and incidents structuralised, and cost efficient with the Inspection Verification Report solution from Keystone

Operation made Easy

The Keystone modules provides your operations with detailed control for all of your operational needs to ensure a cost and time efficient business. Real time detailed overview gives you the ability to work pro-active with your equipment, clients, personnel and inspections & maintenance ensuring your business a competitive advantage.

We Provide Operational Efficiency

for O&G Operators, Service Companies and all types of companies with operational efficiency needs thorugh the following modules

Order & Rental Module

In the Order & Rental module you have detailed control of your orders and rentals including third party products. Real time detailed overview gives you the ability to work pro-active with your equipment.


Warehouse Module

The Warehouse is a powerful module to keep control of your equipment in multiple warehouses – both your own and all 3rd party stock.


Traceability with history tracking for all items

The Traceability module keeps track of all activities in the system on an item or assembly level. All changes made to your equipment, maintenance dates, inspection, financial etc. is stored in a separate database for your access via web at all times..


Inspection Module

The Inspection module notify you about upcoming and pending maintenance on your equipment. Helps you plan and use your internal resources better including the following


Maintenance Module

With the Maintenance module your operational team will be notify about upcoming and pending maintenance on all equipment under management ensuring a timely and proactive approach to maintenance work.


Quotes Module

The Quotation Module is build to easily send and keep track of multiple quotes to your clients based on inventory and ready for rent and sales items. Have full control on your possible future workload.


Reports Module

The Reports Module consist of multiple standardized reports that is always accessible and available for you or your team. The reports can be customized and adjusted according to your business needs and requirements.



The Web-store is a fully functional module already build in to the Keystone system. Give easy access to other inter company employees, all or some of your clients. They can search the available products and order directly into the Keystone system.

Solutions and Current Systems in Operation

Below you can see our implemented solutions as a reference for what we can do for your business.

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